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Our land - Conte Aldobrando Degli Azzoni Avogadro

Our estate is located in the heart of Tuscan, surrounded by the Apennine and the Mediterranean flora. Here You can find vineyards, woods of oaks, ash trees, chestnuts, oaks, pines. The plain is where the poplar is grown. Our company lies here, deeply linked to the territory and its traditions. The everyday work here finds its maximum expression, respecting the soil and its products. In the same time we work with the constant aim to keep a low impact on the environment, following specific disciplines of integrated production.

Something to know...

According to local traditions, the name "La Rotta" is due to the Arno river. A long time ago, the Arno was making a big turn toward the Padule di Bientina area and then a second turn  back to Pontedera. The Arno broke the banks, with consequent straightening of the river course. The place where the break occurred was named la Rotta.

There are several other historical references that link the name "La Rotta" to  the famous battle of Castel del Bosco, occurred between Pisa's and Florence army in the 1222:  Florence won and  consequently the place where the defeat occurred was named La Rotta (than means defeat).

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A visit to San Miniato

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