I Nostri Vigneti

Our Vineyards

Our wine production is spread over 17 hectares of hilly land, which enjoy an excellent exposure and benefit from the influence of sea breezes in the areas located to the west. The vineyards are surrounded by approximately 100 hectares of land owned by the family, part of which is cultivated with arable land in the flattest area; the remaining is destined for a protected nature reserve.

Biodiversity and sustainability: ecosystem protection is a guarantee of excellence.

Tuscan red and white wines

Sangiovese and more

Since the very beginning, the choice of vines has embraced the symbolic excellence af grapes from Tuscany, Sangiovese. It has also been open to other influences such as Pinot Grigio derived from our Venetian origin, up to more recently adopted international vines, such as Syrah and Merlot.

The result is a variegated panorama of red grapes, which give life to our flagship wines such as Helianthus and Chianti, and white grape varieties, which are a particularity in this area but which have shown excellent adaptation to our soils. Some results have been truly surprising. Vermentino for example is the basis of our Le Fonticchie, one of the few wines awarded for this variety outside Sardinia.

We care for sustainability

Our cultivation has always been based on the utmost respect for the ecosystem in which the vineyards are inserted. We alternate protected wood areas and land intended for arable land and other small crops.

We mainly use natural fertilization systems and non-invasive techniques to protect against parasites, such as the sexual confusion technique. All this guarantees greater protection of the natural environment but is also reflected in the quality of the grapes we bring to the cellar.